It should come as no surprise that for the past few months countless spam campaigns featuring the 2016 U.S. Presidential candidates have plagued the internet. I haven’t really mentioned much about it but now as we inch closer to the November election, we have seen them increase in intensity. Spammers are capitalizing on the opportunity to use Donald Trump to push a financial snake oil product.

This particular email campaign attempts to impersonate an official Fox News news alert. The email claims that Donald Trump has a shocking financial plan that he’s ready to announce. The plan will focus on fixing America’s economy and citizen’s incomes. The subject of the email, “Trump drops massive bombshell. Wall Street is ANGRY” paints a building war pitting Trump against Wall Street.

donald trump

After clicking on the link provided within the email, I was directed to an exploited website. The site attempted to mirror that of Fox News’ website. I will say the site was perfectly duplicated and paid great attention to detail. If not for the URL in the browser address bar, the website could easily pass for Fox News’. The website has a lengthy sales pitch about how Trump can save our economy with a simple plan that will radically shape all American’s income-making potential. The sales pitch quickly turns into a bid to get the recipient of the email to invest their money into a get rich scheme that guarantees a high ROI.

Spam campaigns like this aren’t new, however I predict that in the coming months we will see more of these, possibly featuring the Democratic candidate(s) Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. After all, i’m sure they also have a wonderful plan to increase Americans’ incomes. All presidential candidates seem to.

donald trump

As always, remain vigilant against spammer’s attempts to use popular news-makers to scam you. As time goes on, these types of campaigns will evolve and have new faces, persons of interests or important events. The end goal however will remain the same.

Written by Paul Tolbert
Paul Tolbert is an email security specialist & tech blogger living in Pensacola, Florida. He is the founder of where he post informative tips, research and up to date news regarding cyber security.