My goal is to make Cyber security as easy as possible for everyone to understand. Whether you’re a techie or just someone who uses the internet for email and social media, my job is to arm you with the knowledge to protect your digital identity.

My name is Paul. I am an Email security specialist based in Northwest Florida currently studying Cyber Paul TolbertForensics at Pensacola State College. I started TolbertSecurity.com as a platform to incorporate my growing knowledge of information security with my desire to help others to broaden their own knowledge on the subject. The focus audience of this blog is the “non-techie”, or those who are less knowledgeable on information security, however anyone can benefit from and enjoy the content on this blog. As the world continues to reap the benefits from the exponential growth of a digital lifestyle, so does the burden of dealing with the increase of privacy invasion, information theft and cyber attacks. While large corporations and governments seek to harden their infrastructures to protect themselves, how does the average consumer protect themselves? TolbertSecurity.com seeks to answer this very vital question. The content on this blog will focus on the basics of cyber security as it relates to average consumers.

I want to tackle these issues head-on and provide an avenue for tech-curious individuals, regardless of skill level or knowledge to be able to learn something useful and be fully aware of the dangers that lurks out in cyberspace. Of course, the best type of environment to learn something is a fun environment so the content here shall reflect that.

Stop by often for the latest up to date information regarding cyber security and have confidence in knowing what you read will be easy to understand and very useful. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding cyber security and the type of content that you would enjoy reading on the site.